May 23, 2017

Future is Slow Coming

The situation I'm in right now kind of reminds me of one of my first crushes, or girlfriends, if you can call it that when you're in the 7th grade. It was the most gorgeous of girls in the school at the time, and being a small school, I found myself among the most "popular" kids.

Lots of boys liked her, but somehow she decided that she'd be my girlfriend. Really, she seemed to like a friend of mine a lot more than she liked me; at least that's what the actions said. I remember later on asking the guy, "You like her, right?" He did, and that didn't bother me any. Made more sense for them to be a couple given how well they seemed to get along with each other. I remember there was one date with this gal, we went to the movies in a large group. I remember she didn't even want to hold my hand.

I felt like I was assigned a dance partner who didn't want to dance with me.

Similar to where I'm at right now with a woman I've become interested in. The previous post alludes to an incident that has only added to my confusion. Ahhh, hope.

I was so excited to finally meet someone outside of my social circle who seemed to be interested in me as well. Seemed.

I just don't get it.