Mar 20, 2017

The Jaina Chronicles: A New Arrival

Well. Friday turned out to be an interesting day.

I visited Jaina at the local shelter the day prior, fell in love, and promptly submitted an application to adopt her. So I was a bit surprised to listen to a voicemail I let go from an unknown number stating that the application was approved and that they wanted me to schedule a pick up time.


My initial thoughts about getting a dog involved taking a couple of days off of work to get the pup acclimated to a new environment. With the boss and VP at a conference this week, taking off would be tough. I was hoping to take off the next Friday and following Monday for a long 4-day weekend. But I learned otherwise when I returned her call: they could hold her til Tuesday at the latest.

The choice was clear. I had to figure out how to get her over the weekend. Luckily, I was picking up a dog crate that evening by coincidence so I'd have enough to get by with the help of C and the extra supplies she offered to hold me over the weekend.

Which meant her arrival would add to the already-present chaos of having two other dogs at the house that I was watching for friends. Would not have willingly planned it that way.

So Saturday afternoon I picked her up. Not going to get into details here, plenty of those in the future. Let's just say things are going well. I'm feeling an incredible amount of joy at the end of this process, and I have C...the thank.

More soon.