Nov 21, 2015

New Tat

So I got a new tattoo today. That makes six in total now. Two on each breast, two on my upper left arm, one on my upper right arm, and now the inscription on my left-side rib cage. Went a bit off the path with this one, but it's been a long time coming.

On my life rib-cage you will read the Slovenian nation anthem, written in Slovene. In English, it's translated as "A Toast." A short anthem, comprised of the following lines:

"God's blessings on all the nations,
Who long, and work for that bright day
When o'er earth's habitations,
No war, no strife shall hold its sway,
Who long to see,
That all men free,
No more shall foes, but neighbors be."

My father's side comes from Slovenia. A few years back I was able to trace my lineage back to the people who came over on a boat in the early 1900s.

Nov 3, 2015


Tired of being pretentious. Tired of being jealous. Tired of judging. Tired of second-guessing. Tired of worry. Tired of self-destructive thoughts. Tired of self-destructive action. Tired of disbelief. Tired of denying my needs. Tired of controlling. Tired of doubting. Tired of hiding. Tired of manipulating. Tired of lying. Tired of presenting. Tired of being guarded. Tired of apologizing to myself. Tired of self-censorship. Tired of manufactured authenticity. Tired of habits. Tired of routine.

Tired of denying myself true love.

Ready to be. Ready to trust. Ready to accept. Ready to know. Ready to be calm. Ready to think positively. Ready to act positively. Ready to believe. Ready to give to myself. Ready to deny others their shackles. Ready to trust. Ready to be vulnerable. Ready to allow life to shape me. Ready to be honest. Ready to be authentic. Ready to be open. Ready to be comfortable with myself. Ready to express myself. Ready to be me. Ready to learn. Ready to explore.

Ready for true love.