Jan 8, 2009

Medical Examination

In order to upgrade on my current health insurance plan through my employer, I had to elect a personal care physician. This entailed actually setting up an appointment with a physician to have a physical. So I did just that.

I got the bill today, and am trying to run through my head what could have possibly cost $228.00.

I got there in the evening, and spent the next 10 minutes filling out a double-sided sheet that went through my families physical and emotional (mental?) history. I finished, waited ten minutes, and then a nurse came to lead me back to the exam room. She checked my temperature, my blood pressure, and finally my heart rate. Asked if I was allergic to any medications. Then she told me to disrobe and put on the ass-less smock. She left the room, of course.

I waited another ten minutes or so, and then the doctor came in. She did some of the same things the nurse did, and then she made my testicles were in order. Then we sat down for about fifteen minutes and discussed my smoking habit. She berated me on numerous occasions, asking me a couple of different times if I was an idiot, telling me that she points out smokers to her daughters and calls them idiots. Harsh, some might think, but I actually appreciated it. I've seen numerous doctors, all of whom I've mentioned my smoking habit, and they take a non-chalant approach. Whatever I choose to do is what I choose, and that's that. Not this new doctor. It's like, she cares about my health.

But the bill, Jeebs, is staggering. How the hell could anyone afford this? Medical care should be a human right. Like freedom. It's free.