Apr 25, 2008

April 25th, 2008

Every day I get at least one email forward from my father, usually some sort of modern day parable that attempts to explain our relationship to the Christian God. Today's theme was "God will never take something away without putting something greater back."

A stupidly blanketed statement that fails to explain anything. How about a true theme like "God is irrational." That would explain things a hell of a lot better.

Some of these messages make my blood boil. Faith, to me, is not the knowledge of God, but simply the trust that there is one. I neither know God, nor do I trust there is one.

As annoying as these heart-string stories are, I love my father, and I won't ever let on my distaste.

Apr 23, 2008

April 23rd, 2008

I emerge from this winter in body and soul alive and well. A morning like this will bring that fact into focus, to the center of the frame. I opened my bedroom window this morning. I opened myself up to the elements of love last winter. It was difficult to yield a crop in those harsh conditions.

Warmth invades my surroundings. Only late at night now when the heat retreats with the light do I long for another's touch. In my fatigue, I am vulnerable. The silence in my room seems to vibrate, it chokes until the cricket's croak coaxes me to sleep.

I finished a song about that feeling a couple of days ago, and the band has it down pat. Just like that.

I don't know where all that comfort has gone
but I know this ain't supposed to last long
I'd be on time, no, I would never be late
if you asked me to keep you safe

Who goes before you?
The path it is lost promises so
hearken defense

As the best offense they've taught me
In hindsight I would agree with them and tell you
when it seems that all is lost save for tomorrow
just hold tight