Nov 29, 2005

No New Posts

It's really been over a week since I've visited here, though I didn't intend it to be that way. A major event took place last week, unexpected, but necessary and long overdue. I may have unconsciously avoided dropping back here because I'm afraid what I'll spill. Last week has set me back slightly, and placed me into a static trance for the better half of last week. And I want to write about it, but can't. Not here anyway. That motherload will entail a long, grueling haul.

Finals are in less than two weeks. Projects, papers, and their due dates are converging towards the point of this rusty knife-of-a-semester. I don't even know whether that makes sense or not, and also don't care at this point. Movin' down the final stretch of this leg in the race, and one final leg to go.

As always, I'm headed somewhere.