Sep 12, 2005

Finding a Place

Wrestling with universal questions can be quite exhausting for anyone. They are universal questions for a simple reason, that being that there are no universal answers to these questions. Maybe one would ask, why are these questions even important if these answers are never carved in stone. What does an answer matter when there will never be a consensus on it?

Nonetheless, these questions continue to be asked because knowledge of their answers seems to be a basic need of the greater part of humanity: Why do humans inflict suffering upon one another? Is there a Being tending light at the end of this long, dark tunnel? What is our true purpose here, the true purpose of the individual?

I have no answers. I have many answers. I have no answers. They continue to change at unpredictable intervals. A great writer whose names escapes me now said that the American man sees himself, and then he sees the larger idea of society. The space between is void. The thought seems such an alienating one, but so true. I like to the void in between, hoping hints and answers lie buried there.

Sep 6, 2005

Hurt for the South . . .

"People are saying that the response has been so slow because it's nothing but poor black people down there," said one friend after we had eaten a mid-afternoon breakfast.

"Oh Christ," said another, "get over it."

The comment was a surprise to me, as this friend doesn't usually have an opinion of his own to share. I'm still gathering my own comments, and haven't been paying any attention to the television. When the initial event happened, I tuned in from time to time for a couple days, but left it at that. Has the response from the government been slow? I've heard a Republican congressman from Wisconsin admit it. Playing politics isn't something I'm even interested in doing.

I remember seeing a man on the news, walking barefoot with his two sons. He was crying.

"I can't find my wife," he said. Then, something along the lines of, "She washed away, she gone."

The reporter couldn't even keep her composure in the present of a man in pure distress, and the interview had to be cut short as her ability to question the man was choked by tears. The levees broke, and took a hell of a lot of people with it.

We are then brought pictures of the best and worst of humanity. People from all over the world are sending money, offering up their homes for people now displaced from their homes. Throughout the flooded streets down South there are lootings, beatings, rapes, and murders. One man shot his sister, straight through the head, over an argument dealing with a bag of ice.

The picture in all this may be muddier than we're able to sort out.